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Technical Support


> Support Contacts

If you need to escalate your support enquiry, the details below will help you to reach the team best able to help you:

Broadcast, Audio Visual & Digital Signage Support

Industrial Networking Support

Telecommunications & GPON Support

Cabling & Connectivity

> RCM Compliance

Under the Telecommunications (Labelling Notice for Customer Equipment and Customer Cabling) Instrument 2015 (Telecommunications Labelling Notice) suppliers of certain customer cabling and associated customer equipment (collectively, cabling products) have an alternative to labelling with a compliance label.

Suppliers who are eligible to use the alternative path (and therefore not affix the RCM mark to their product) are required to maintain a publicly available register (on the Internet) listing each of their compliant cabling products individually.

Madison Technologies is an eligible supplier and has opted to use this alternative compliance arrangement. 

Please go to our RCM Compliance page to access Madison's online RCM compliance register.

Returns Info

If you would like to initiate a return, please fill out the RMA form below.

We will contact you shortly after you submit the form to provide you with an RMA number and return address details.

Please note: Goods will not be accepted for return or repair without a valid RMA number.