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Rail Infrastructure Solutions

Rail Infrastructure Solutions

Today’s rail operators and rolling stock manufacturers need integration and interoperability built into their communication network infrastructure. The market demand for greater traffic density, improved passenger services, safe operations and lower operating costs is always increasing.  

By using modern industrial networking solutions, operators can expect to meet market demand and streamline operations. 

On-Board Data Network

Keeping passengers informed, maintaining safety onboard, managing and monitoring vehicle controls – all of these complex and critical functions require a robust network to keep information flowing.

With Madison’s onboard ethernet network, the possibilities are virtually endless, from services for passenger information to mission-critical operational data security and Wi-Fi.

Rail operators can also rest easy, knowing that Madison products seamlessly integrate with legacy devices, allowing operators to leverage their existing network investments.

Applying an integrative approach to evolving an on-board communications network ensures a scalable and cost-effective solution.


> Solution Highlights

  • EN50155 Certified Devices
  • Layer 2 or layer 3 switching with highest environmental ratings
  • M12 line modules with controlled bypass relays and array of coding options
  • Extended L3/Security feature set
  • Embedded data processing platform to enable service gateways, remote analytics, monitoring and control applications
  • Integrated power supply design and passive cooling – no fans required
  • Minimised risk of technical obsolescence due to modular configuration and hot-swap ability for easy field replacement.

> Products

Madison has a range of products that are well suited to On-Board Data Network applications. Click the links to explore our product offerings for this application.


Wayside Communications Solutions

For rail operators around the world, the ability to provide seamless communications between geographically dispersed field elements along railway tracks is crucial. This includes wayside signaling and interlocking systems, people safety systems and the communication to and from railway operation control centers, platform information and security.

Operational processes like train separation, collision avoidance, line speed enforcement, temporary restrictions, rail wayside safety, and other processes, ensure trains run safely. All of this, along with data and performance maintenance require a robust and integrated network infrastructure which Madison can provide.


> Solution Highlights

  • EN50121-4 Certified Devices
  • Multi-service backbone with 10-GigE uplinks, advanced layer 3 and MPLS routing service
  • Migration of legacy copper cabling to support broadband ethernet speeds
  • Networking with zero failover time through HSR (High-availability Seamless Redundancy) and PRP 
  • Failover connection to field elements using a mobile communication network
  • Advanced features for protection against cyber attacks
  • Meets and exceeds railway-specific certifications for harsh environments, such as electromagnetic compatibility, temperature, humidity, shock and vibration


> Products

Madison has a range of products that are well suited to any Wayside Communications applications. Please click on the links to explore our product offerings for this application.