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Rail Infrastucture Solutions

Today’s rail operators and rolling stock manufacturers need integration and interoperability built into their communication network infrastructure.

The market demand for greater traffic density, improved passenger services, safe operations and lower operating costs is always increasing.  

By using modern industrial networking solutions, operators can expect to meet the market demand and streamline operations. 

On-board Data Communications Network

On-Board Data Communications Networks

With the increase in capacity and affordability of IP systems, the imperative for today’s on-board rail data communications systems lies in integrating the existing data network systems with the latest in IP technology and supporting infrastructure.

Applying an integrative approach to on-board communications network infrastructures ensures a scalable and cost-effective solution. 

We offer a range of ruggedised and rail-certified Ethernet switches, embedded computers and wireless bridging solutions that are designed to perform under the extreme environmental conditions found on board. 

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Wayside Communications Solutions


Wayside applications need data communication networks with an extremely high availability. As well as mechanical robustness the solution must be resilient, secure and capable of supporting legacy protocols.

Rail applications such as data transfer, IPCCTV, signalling and power distribution use reliable redundant LAN topology along the track.

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Contact us with any rail network enquiries. We have a team of networking specialists that can help you to find the solution you are looking for.

Why Choose Madison?

  • Proven integrated communications solutions backed by a  comprehensive services portfolio.
  • We work with customers to develop tailored solutions adapted to their business needs.
  • Expertise in management of large scale, complex and multi-vendor projects.
  • Dedicated communications company with 20 years experience.
  • Financial strength and stability.

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