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Decentralised surveillance solutions for large scale sites in harsh environments can be achieved with MOBOTIX and Moxa. 

Site Perimeter Fence Surveillance

MOBOTIX IP thermal cameras sense the difference in temperatures between moving objects and a stationary background. The cameras detect and register movement in total darkness and the vision spans long distances making it easy to differentiate between a human or an animal. Paired with an IO Output Box, the camera can trigger its own audible or visual alarm to deter potential intruders, allowing it to offer a comprehensive perimeter monitoring solution.

Entry/Exit Surveillance

MOBOTIX M16 cameras can be positioned at an entrance/exit point on a site. The Mobotix External IO Box can accept a digital input from a boom gate activation and capture a view of the vehicle and even its number plate for easy verification. Combining the camera with Mobotix SplitProtect allows a single PoE source to drive the camera as well as an IR illuminator for night time use, and the smart mounting enclosure and brackets bring all components together into a compact one-piece unit for easy installation.


The combination of rugged MOBOTIX cameras, powered by Moxa 60 W PoE switches, creates a stable security management surveillance system that captures high resolution video even in low light conditions.

Solution Overview 

Solution Features

  • Smart recording triggered when external physical event occurs
  • Programmable recording period to save unnecessary storage
  • High temperature rated PoE hardware
  • Dual lens camera to identify vehicle number plates, while also providing overview of scene
  • Smart enclosures bring multiple components together for a compact easy to install solution



PART #: MX-M16TB-Rxxx

Mobotix Thermal Camera with optical colour image sensor for daytime view


Mobotix Surge/over voltage protection device  


Mobotix External IO Box to take a digital input or create a digital output to drive a flashing light or trigger from a boom gate 


Mobotix SplitProtect – allowing a single PoE supply to be split for operation of the camera and IR illuminator


Mobotix IR Illuminator and bracket 


Moxa Managed PoE switch
Off the shelf flashing light or beacon that can be triggered on motion event on the camera

Vehicle boom gate that when activated triggers the camera to take an image of the vehicle and number plate

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