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Industrial Networking Solutions                          

Whether you’re creating new communications infrastructure to withstand harsh environments or upgrading equipment to get the best performance out of your current system, the requirements of industrial communication systems have become more complex.

Demands for high speed data, larger bandwidths and improved remote monitoring capabilities adds pressure to find a solution that meets industry standards and fits your needs. 

Madison Technologies provides the industrial networking products, training and support to help you build a high performance, reliable and resilient industrial network.


What Industries use Industrial Networking Technology?

Industrial technology is used in environments with extreme temperature and humidity limits and where vibration, shock, dust and electromagnetic interference are a consideration when trying to achieve constant connectivity.

Traditionally, the industries that require these robust industrial solutions are:

  • Rail infrastructure
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Infrastructure development
  • Manufacturing process automation
  • Power grids
  • Road infrastructure
  • Marine 
  • Defence
How are Industrial Networking products used?

Industrial networking products are used in control systems, video surveillance systems, machine vision, factory automation, power grid management, M2M, intelligent transportation systems, remote monitoring, remote automation, smart grid and SCADA.

Product Categories

Madison distributes and supports a comprehensive range of wired and wireless industrial connectivity solutions designed to meet the demands of industrial automation, control, IP CCTV, data communications and networking systems. Madison is your first port of call for complete industrial networks. Our Industrial Networking solutions include:

  • Physical Layer Connectivity: Optical fibre and copper cable, connectors, adaptors and enclosures, custom design and cabinet fit-out, engineering services, tools and accessories.
  • Serial Networking: Serial to Ethernet, serial over 2G/3G/4G, serial over SHSDL/PSTN/Leased Line/Cellular, serial to fibre modems and converters, industrial USB, protocol gateways, multi-port serial boards.
  • Industrial Ethernet: Unmanaged & managed switches, Ethernet media converters, secure routers & firewalls, industrial fibre transceivers, network management software, PoE and PoE+ Ethernet switches and injectors.
  • Industrial Wireless: 3G& 4G cellular modems & routers, satellite modems, wireless LAN, industrial WiFi AP/Client/Repeater, industrial IP gateways, DNP3 & Modbus support, road and rail certified Wireless AP/Bridge/Client, Microwave Links, Backhaul links.
  • Industrial Computing: Embedded Computers, PC’s & thin clients, mobile computing platforms, multiple interface solutions, Win XP/Win 7/CE/Linux, industrial i5 & i7 processors.
  • SCADA + Remote Monitoring: 3G & 4G Remote Telemetry Unit, Modular RTU & Remote IO, Mobility – iPad, iPhone & Android SCADA App, Fieldbus gateways and protocol Converters, Field-hosted web SCADA.
  • Hazardous Areas:  IEC-EX Internationaly approved flameproof (ExD) and intrinsically safe (Exia) products, for use in Serial, Ethernet, Wireless and Cellular communications networks in hazardous areas.
  • IP CCTV Network: Products include features like IP65 rating, PoE, wide temperature ranges, video motion detection cameras, wireless IP, integrated digital video recorders, PTZ, thermal image sensors.

Industrial Networking Brands


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