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Lead Crystal® Batteries

New Battery Technology Changing the Future.

Whether you are in the Telco, UPS, Defence Forces, Renewable Energy, Health Care, Manufacturing or Transport sector, Lead Crystal Batteries offer one of the most significant developments in battery technology in recent years. 

Lead Crystal Batteries enhance our ability to provide stable and robust backup power where other technologies are limiting potential in lifespan and cost of ownership.

They have several technological advantages and outperform mainstream rechargeable industrial lead-acid batteries (wet, gel or AGM).

The secret to the lead crystal batteries lies in three areas:

The liquid electrolyte transforms to a crystallised state, effectively resulting in a dry cell

  • A unique complex technology is used to synergize a range of inorganic salts and organic substances, thereby optimizing the reaction between the electrolyte and the active electrode material, this reaction also improves the products' safety, making it less harmful.
  • Less Sulphuric Acid (<5% compared to 70%+ in VRLA)
  • When charging and discharging, the liquid electrolyte transforms into a crystallised state leaving hardly any free liquid electrolyte in the battery.
  • As water loss and electrolyte breakdown is the most common inhibitor to battery life in Lead Acid/ GEL/ AGM batteries, our Unique ‘dry cell’ technology extends life and cycling performance
  • The crystallised electrolyte has very low internal resistance, giving superb charge efficiency of 93%+, and minimal temperature change under charge or discharge
  • This opens a wide range of installation applications, since the risk of electrolyte leakage is minimised

Super Absorbent Mat

  • Made from ultra-fine fibre separator of high porosity, using cathode absorption 

High quality lead plates (99.97% pure lead)

  • The positive and negative plates are the core electrochemical reaction area and the most important components of the battery.
  • No cadmium, no antimony.
This patented Lead Crystal technology uses a specially advanced formula, a new type of composite si02 electrolyte developed to completely replace traditional sulphuric acid solution.

As a result, the battery can achieve remarkable results:

  • Around 6000 cycles @ 20% Depth of Discharge
  • At 80% depth of discharge the Lead Crystal will still cycle an astonishing 1,800 times
  • Even after more than 170 cycles to zero volts, the battery still retains around 80% of its capacity.

Patented technology is used to synergize a range of inorganic salts and organic substances thereby optimizing the reaction between the electrolyte and the active electrode materials.

What are the benefits of this new battery technology?

 Lead Crystal Batteries are different and easily integrate into existing systems.

  • Plates consist of 99.97% pure lead.
  • Patented partition material (SAM super absorbent matt).
  • 12 year Service Life at 25 deg. C.
  • Similar footprint and weight to existing batteries.
  • Less reliance on air conditioning and venting.

Lead Crystal Battery Technology can be applied to several applications.

Three examples of easy industry integration are:

Renewable Energy                    UPS                                  Telco


Drop -in  & replace existing VRLA    Works in non air-conditioning                Max operating temp +65 degrees

Extremely Robust & reliable                  Short recharge time                       Recharge fully depleted battery in 2 hours

Lead Crystal Batteries have achieved global market penetration with

                                          key international users

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