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Almost every business in Australia has been affected by the massive technological shift that has resulted from AV/IT convergence and the swing from analogue to digital technologies.

The way we work, shop and play is changing. And what we expect from our leaders in Education, Enterprise, Performing Arts, Hospitality and Entertainment is changing as well.

Upcoming Tradeshows and events

Event Name Date Location Feature Brands
12th Annual Technology in
Government Conference 
7-8 August 2018   National Convention Centre, Canberra AUDIOropa, Cambridge Sound, Icron, Stewart Audio, PTZ Optics, SpinetiX, HuddleCamHD, Visionary Solutions
AETM 2018 November 2018 TBA AUDIOropa, Cambridge Sound, Icron, Stewart Audio, PTZ Optics, SpinetiX, HuddleCamHD, Visionary Solutions, HDi


At Madison, we see a future more connected and converged than we can even comprehend at this point.

HD video conferencing clarity and control is becoming accessible to everyone. The live-streaming of news broadcasts, performances, surgeries, classes and content online will become everyday practice. Digital signage technology will surpass anything OOH advertising, retail or entertainment industries could ever have imagined.

The only limitation to what can be achieved is the technology we choose today.

The decision to invest in smart commercial-grade audio visual technologies and equipment, products and solutions will meet the demands of AV applications today, and provide network operators with the intelligence and data to meet future expectations.

Whether it’s setting up an office, upgrading a broadcast facility or stepping into the exciting world of digital signage; Madison Technologies offers an unbeatable combination of technical expertise and quality products for the future of integrated solutions.

Our Solutions include:


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